Acquisition, Disposition and Investment

Nat Franklin’s adage has always been, “you make your money on the buy.” That still rings true today. Since 1978, PMF Investments has acquired commercial real estate properties and worked to build their value.  

PMF is primarily interested in acquiring commercial properties that have the upside potential to become well-anchored neighborhood shopping centers. For all project categories, PMF does both ground up development and redevelopment of existing properties.

PMF has partnered with a wide range of sellers and the company’s leadership knows no two deals are the same. Because of this, the company works to understand each partner’s individual goals and customizes services accordingly.

PMF also works with clients to assist in the sale of properties. Services include: 
  • 1031 tax-deferred exchanges
  • On- and off-market property searches
  • Underwriting and due diligence
  • Asset valuation
  • Asset positioning for sale
  • Acquisition and sale negotiations

PMF seeks capital partners who share the company’s approach to commercial real estate development, from identifying under-valued properties with significant upside potential, to repositioning projects into the local community, to operating each property to maximize tenant satisfaction and ROI. Such an approach allows PMF and its partners to capitalize on short- to medium-term returns as well as long-term value.
PMF’s capital partners also benefit from the company’s expertise in local markets, the streamlined decision making structure of the executive team and substantial capital reserves. All of which give PMF Investments the ability to act quickly when favorable opportunities present themselves.